About Us

Sellmyscrapcatalyticconverter.com is a family owned and operated company based out of the Coachella Valley and San Diego County, as well as St Louis, Il. We are part of the same family that owns Electric Car Distributors, www.electriccar.com and Best Value Golf Cars, one of the largest golf cart distributors in Southern California. We are active in our community and Little League Baseball is a big part of our life (we have three young sons!).

As we have grown, we have endeavored to stay true to growing the business the right way. We want our customers to become our friends and part of our community. Customer service is vital to us, and your positive experience with Sellmyscrapcatalyticconverter.com is our first priority.

If you get in touch we can answer some of your most important questions such as:
- How to sell a used catalytic converter?
- How much is my catalytic converter worth?
- Where can I sell my scrap catalytic converter?
- How can i remove my catalytic converter?
- How much are used catalytic converters worth?
- Is there platinum in catalytic converters?
- Is there a catalytic converter price list?
- How much is a used cat converter worth?